Tennis in your city.

Find tennis games at your skill level, on your schedule.

More playing, less planning

Our ingredients for a better experience

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Automated matchmaking

Matches are automatically suggested based on your skill and preferences. Just confirm the ones you want to play!
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Player profiles

Get to know your opponent before you confirm a match: check their skill level, rating, match history, and more.
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Dynamic skill rating

As you play games on Verb, we use your match history to pair you with players closely matched to your level.

How Verb works

Getting started


Set your availability

Select the times you’re able to play at during the week. We use this alongside your skill level, court preferences, and opponent gender preferences to suggest matches for you.

Confirm matches

Matches are suggested based on your preferences, confirm the ones you want to play. You can see your opponents rating, city rank, and match history to help make your decision. Once both players confirm a match, it’s a go! You can chat with your opponent in-app to confirm who will bring balls, etc.

Get out there and play

This is the fun part. Meet up with your opponent and play some tennis!

Report match outcome

Report the outcome once the match is played. This will immediately update your rating level and your city ranking, which you can track on your profile.

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